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Porsche 918 Spyder 12V Kids Ride On Car | Hydraulics Function + 3 Point Harness

BONUS: Hydraulics Function & 3-Point Harness Seat Belt

Key Features:

  • Battery:                        12 Volts 7AH
  • Luxury Feature:          Hydraulics (rocking mode)
  • Remote Control:         Yes (child driven + remote for parents)
  • Seat Type:                     Leather
  • Tire Type:                      Rubber (EVA)
  • Seat Belt:                       Yes (updated 3-point harness)
  • Music:                             MP3/AUX + Built In + Horn
  • Suspension:                 Yes
  • Lights:                             LED (headlights and taillights)
  • Doors Open:                 Yes
  • Ignition:                          Key
  • Run Time:                      1.5hrs
  • Charging Time:           8-10hrs (rechargeable)
  • Age:                                 Up To 6 Years Old (variable on each child)
  • Weight Capacity:       30kg
  • Maximum Speed:       6 km/h (3 speeds + reverse)


Presenting the updated 2025 model: Porsche 918 Spyder 12V Kids Ride On Car – the ultimate choice for your little one's driving adventures. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this car boasts a sleek, sporty design bound to capture attention. Powered by a robust 12-volt battery and featuring a leather seat, rubber tires, suspension, a seat belt, it ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, delighting your child.

The Porsche 918 Spyder 12V Kids Ride On Car mirrors the realism of a sports car with working headlights, horn, and engine sounds. The dashboard includes an MP3 player for your child to enjoy their favourite tunes while cruising the neighbourhood. The 12-volt battery propels the car up to 5mph, offering the thrill of driving at a safe speed.

Luxury meets comfort with the leather seat, while the rubber tires and suspension ensure a stable ride on any terrain. The improved 3-point harness seat belt prioritizes your child's safety, providing peace of mind. Operating the car is a breeze with a simple foot pedal and steering wheel, granting your child control over the car's movement.

Ultimately, the Porsche 918 Spyder 12V Kids Ride On Car is the ideal gift for car-loving children eager to experience the joy of driving. With its lifelike features, comfortable design, and safety elements, this ride-on car promises enjoyment for both you and your child.



    Battery  12V7AH (Rechargeable)
    Luxury Function Hydraulics (rocking mode)
    Charger  Included 
    Remote Control Included 
    Doors Included
    Suspension Yes
    Motors 2 x Motors
    Seat Belt  Included (updated 3-point harness)
    MP3 Stereo  Included 
    LED Lights  Yes
    Maximum Speed  Up to 6km/hr
    Run Time 1.5 hrs
    Age Up to 6 years (Variable on each Child)
    Weight Capacity 30 kg
    Car Dimensions 105 x 64 x 47 cm
    Manual  Included 



    Box Specification 

    Box Dimensions               106 x 56 x 30 cm                                                              
    Net Weight                        13 kg                                                                              
    Gross Weight                    16 kg