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Lexus LX-570 12V Kids Ride On Car | Hydraulics + Bluetooth + Phone App

BONUS: Hydraulics function, Phone App connectivity, Bluetooth, & Bigger 12V Battery (9AH)


Key Features:

  • Battery:                        12 Volts 9AH
  • Motor(s):                      4x4 (four motors, one for each tire)
  • Seat Capacity:           2 Seater (2 small kids or 1 big child)
  • Luxury Feature:          Hydraulics (swing mode) + Bluetooth
  • Phone App:                  Yes (used as a parental remote control)
  • Remote Control:         Yes (child driven + remote for parents)
  • Seat Type:                     Leather
  • Tire Type:                      Rubber (EVA)
  • Seat Belt:                       Yes
  • Music:                             Bluetooth + MP3/AUX + Built In + Honk
  • Suspension:                 Yes
  • Lights:                             LED (headlights and taillights)
  • Doors Open:                 Yes
  • Ignition:                          Push-To-Start
  • Run Time:                      1.5hrs
  • Charging Time:           8-10hrs (rechargeable)
  • Age:                                 Up To 6 Years Old (variable on each child)
  • Weight Capacity:       50kg
  • Maximum Speed:       6km/h (3 speeds + reverse)


Presenting the Lexus LX570 12V Ride On Car, an ideal choice for young luxury car enthusiasts in Canada. This ride-on car mirrors the iconic Lexus LX570, delivering an exhilarating driving experience for kids.

The Lexus LX570 12V Ride On Car boasts plush leather seats for enhanced comfort and is equipped with rubber tires for excellent traction and a smooth ride. Powered by a 12-volt battery, this ride-on car achieves speeds up to 6 km/h. With the inclusion of a remote control, parents can easily supervise their child's driving or take control when needed.

Enhancing the driving experience, the Lexus LX570 12V Ride On Car features working headlights and taillights, creating a lifelike driving ambiance for your child. The car also includes a horn and engine sound effects, contributing to the authentic feel of the ride. A motor is added to each tire making it a 4x4, a great selection for all terrains.

In summary, the Lexus LX570 12V Ride On Car stands as the perfect gift for young luxury car enthusiasts in Canada. With its realistic design, advanced features, and premium materials, this ride-on car ensures hours of joy and excitement for your child. Whether cruising through the neighbourhood or impressing friends, this ride-on car is bound to captivate attention and create unforgettable driving memories.



    12Volts 9AH (Rechargeable)
    Luxury Feature Hydraulics (swing mode) + Bluetooth
    Charger  Included 
    Remote Control Included 
    Seat 2 Seater (leather)
    Seat Belt  Included 
    Suspension Yes
    Motors 4x4 four motors (motor in each tire)
    Music Stereo  Included (Bluetooth + MP3)
    LED Lights  Yes
    Speed  Up to 6km/hr (adjustable)
    Run Time 1.5 hrs
    Age Up to 6 years (Variable on the Child)
    Weight Capacity 50 kg
    Car Dimensions 126 x 77 x 62 cm
    Manual  Included 

    Box Specification 

    Box Dimensions             

     124 x 67 x 47 cm                                                              
    Net Weight                        22 kg                                                                              
    Gross Weight                    26.6 kg