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Jeep Rubicon 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car | Hydraulics Function

BONUS: Hydraulics Function, Bigger 12V Battery (9AH), & Trunk Space for Storage


Key Features:

  • Battery:                        12 Volts 9AH (Upgraded Battery)
  • Motor(s):                       4x4 (four motors, one for each tire)
  • Seat Capacity:            2 Seater (2 toddlers or 1 big child)
  • Luxury Feature:          Hydraulics (rocking mode)
  • Remote Control:         Yes (child driven + remote for parents)
  • Seat Type:                     Leather
  • Tire Type:                      Rubber (EVA)
  • Seat Belt:                       Yes
  • Music:                             MP3/AUX + Built In + Horn
  • Suspension:                 Yes
  • Lights:                             LED (headlights, taillights & roof fog lights)
  • Doors Open:                 Yes
  • Ignition:                          Key
  • Run Time:                      1.5hrs
  • Charging Time:           8-10hrs (rechargeable)
  • Age:                                 Up To 7 Years Old (variable on each child)
  • Weight Capacity:       40kg
  • Maximum Speed:       7km/h (Adjustable with Parental Remote)


Unleash your child's adventurous spirit with the updated 2025 model of the Jeep Rubicon 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car —an ideal choice for Canadian parents seeking the perfect ride-on car. This rugged and powerful vehicle ensures endless hours of entertainment for your little one. This off-road vehicle has an upgraded 12-volt 9AH battery.

A standout feature of the Jeep Rubicon 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car is its robust four-wheel drive system, capable of conquering any terrain. Equipped with rubber tires and suspension, your child can enjoy a smooth and stable ride, exploring their imagination freely.

For added convenience, the Jeep Rubicon 12V 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car includes a remote control, allowing parents to steer and control the car while their child enjoys the driving experience. The leather seats provide added comfort for extended playtime adventures.

Crafted with durability and safety in mind, the Jeep Rubicon 4x4 2 Seater  12V Kids Ride On Car boasts high-quality materials for lasting enjoyment. The realistic design enhances the off-roading experience, making each ride more exhilarating for your child.

All in all, the children's Jeep Rubicon 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car is the ultimate blend of style, performance, and comfort. Order this safe vehicle today and gift your child the joy of adventure!


    Battery  12V9AH (Rechargeable)
    Charger  Included 
    Remote Control Included 
    Luxury Function Hydraulics (rocking mode)
    Seat 2 Leather Seats 
    Seat Belt Included
    Motor 4X4 Four Motors - Motor for each tire
    Tires Eva Rubber Tires 
    Trunk Space Yes
    Suspension Yes
    Music Stereo Included
    Run Time 1.5 hrs
    Age 6 Months to 7 years (Variable on each Child)
    Maximum Speed 7km/h (Adjustable with Parental Remote)
    Weight Capacity  40 kg
    Car Dimensions 118 x 69 x 79 cm
    Manual  Included 

    Box Specifications 

    Box Dimensions   117 x 80 x 42 cm
    Net Weight   22 kg
    Gross Weight   25 kg