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Monster Jeep 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car | Hydraulics Function + Bluetooth

BONUS: Bigger 12V Battery (9Ah), Hydraulics Function, Bluetooth, Electronic Accelerator, Working Roof Fog Lights

Key Features:

  • Battery:                        12 Volts 9Ah
  • Motor(s):                     4x4 (four motors, one for each tire)
  • Seat Capacity:          2 Seater (two individual seats)
  • Luxury Feature:         Hydraulics+ Bluetooth + Electronic Accelerator 
  • Remote Control:        Yes (child driven + remote for parents)
  • Seat Type:                    Leather
  • Tire Type:                     Rubber for Off-Roading (EVA)
  • Seat Belt:                      Yes (2 individual seatbelts)
  • Music Stereo:              Bluetooth + MP3/AUX + Built In
  • Suspension:                Yes
  • Lights:                            LED (headlights, taillights, roof fog lights)
  • Doors Open:                Yes
  • Ignition:                         Push-To-Start
  • Run Time:                     1.5hrs
  • Charging Time:           8-10hrs (rechargeable)
  • Age:                                 Up To Years Old (variable on each child)
  • Weight Capacity:       60 kg
  • Maximum Speed:       6 km/h (3 speeds + reverse)

    Presenting the updated 2025 Quad Monster Jeep 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car—an electrifying off-road adventure awaits young explorers with this Canadian-designed ride-on toy car. Inspired by the iconic Jeep, this electric wonder is tailored for kids who crave the thrill of off-road exploration.

    Featuring dual seats secured with reliable seat belts, it's an optimal choice for young companions ready to embark on shared off-road escapades. Boasting four-wheel drive and top-notch off-road suspension, the Quad Monster Jeep 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car effortlessly conquers various terrains, ensuring a dynamic and safe experience for navigating everything from grassy hills to challenging trails.

    Fuelled by a rechargeable battery, this ride-on car guarantees extended play sessions. The adaptable two-speed gearbox lets young drivers customize their speed, tailoring the ride to their skill level and the demands of the landscape.

    Enhancing the realism, the Quad Monster Jeep 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car comes with functional headlights and taillights, providing an immersive driving experience. To amplify the excitement, it's equipped with a horn and engine sound effects that add an extra layer of joy to the ride.

    In essence, the Quad Monster Jeep 4x4 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car is the ultimate gift for adventurous Canadian kids keen on off-road exploration. With its unique design, advanced features, and sturdy construction, this electric ride-on toy car promises hours of safe and thrilling outdoor play, cultivating a love for exploration and adventure in your child.



    12V9Ah (rechargeable)


    4x4 Four Motors (motor for each tire)

    Remote Control



    2 Seater (leather - 2 individual seats)

    Seat Belt

    Yes (2 individual seatbelts)


    Big Off-Road Rubber Tires (EVA)


    Yes (swing mode)



    Electronic Accelerator

    Yes (accelerator controlled speed)



    Music Stereo

    Yes (Bluetooth + MP3)



    Run Time

    1.5 hrs


    6 Months to 8 years (variable on each child)

    Maximum Speed

    km/h (adjustable)

    Weight Capacity

    60 kg

    Car Dimensions

    136 x 84 x 82 cm

    Box Specifications

    Box Dimensions

    131 x 80 x 58 cm

    Net Weight

    26 kg

    Gross Weight

    32 kg

    Included In Box

    Car Battery




    Parental Remote Control




    Note: this is a pre-order, it is expected to arrive towards the end of March, 2024.